Pushilin doesn't rule out Contact Group's videoconference in case of aggravation of situation at front

Videoconference of the Contact Group participants can take place in case of intensified shelling by the Ukrainian military, DPR Delegation Head at the Minsk talks, People's Council Chairman Denis Pushilin states. 

"In case of changing the situation, gatherings in the emergency mode are not excluded. I think that  we can get together in the videoconference mode, "he said.

Pushilin also stressed that the main goal of the ceasefire announced since March 5 was to prevent the unleashing of full-scale hostilities in Donbass.

It should be noted that in Donbass on March 5, the agreement on the observance of a full, comprehensive, indefinite cease-fire entered into force. The agreement was reached by the participants of the negotiation process in Minsk on March 2.

We will add that the next meeting of the Contact Group members will be held in Minsk on March 14.

DONi News Agency