Poroshenko: 15% of Ukraine's GDP lost due to Donbass war

About 100 mines and banks' assets worth almost 5 billion dollars were left on the territory of Donbass that is not controlled by Kiev, the country lost 15% of GDP, but avoided default and came out for economic growth, President Pyotr Poroshenko said on Friday during a trip to the Volyn region.

"About 100 mines remained in the occupied territory, as well as the assets of banks worth almost $5 billion. Due to the occupation of part of Donbass, we lost 15% of GDP, 25% of industry," Poroshenko was quoted by his press service as saying.

He also said that because of the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation, Ukraine lost 3.6% of GDP, 80% of oil and gas deposits in the Black Sea, and 10% of the port infrastructure.

"We avoided default... and resumed economic growth, which is the merit of a strong, patriotic and responsible Ukrainian people," the president said.

Poroshenko said that by the results of the last year the increase in GDP was 2.5%, and the key task is to reach a growth rate of at least 5-6% per year.

"The government is working to accelerate economic growth, and as president I will do everything to help the government in this," he assured.

DONi News Agency