Poland to build fence on border with Ukraine

Poland plans to begin construction of a fence on the border with Ukraine and Belarus in the autumn of 2018. According to the official version, it is needed to prevent the migration of wild boars.

"We believe that the construction of a fence against wild boars along the eastern border of Poland should begin in September," Yurgel told at a news conference following a meeting with European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vityanis Andryukaitis, dedicated to fighting the African plague virus of pigs in the EU.

The cost of erecting the fence is estimated at about 300 million zł (71 million euros). It will be a fence with an appropriate grid height of up to 2 metres, fixed at a depth of about half a metre. The fence will be built along the eastern border of Poland with Ukraine and Belarus for three to four years. Its length will be approximately 1 thousand kilometres.

First of all, the fence is to be installed in places with the greatest risk of wild boar migration. In December 2017, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a law against ASF, which foresees, in particular, the construction of a fence on the border with Belarus and Ukraine. All this sounds, of course, fine, but it's hard to believe (the real reason for erecting the fence). Especially against the backdrop of that historic war, which Poland certainly does not plan to cease in the near future.

DONi News Agency