Petrovsky water intake controlled by Kiev cut down water supply to Lugansk to 40-50%

Located on the territory controlled by Kiev, the Petrovsky water intake cut down the water supply to Lugansk to 40-50%, which resulted in problems with the water supply in some districts of the capital. It was reported by the director of the state enterprise “Lugansvoda” Vladislav Chepelenko.

‘In the centre of the city (Lugansk) there is no water due to the fact that the Petrovsky water intake from the Ukrainian side is giving us only 40-50% of what it supplied to us before. The water shortage has affected the centre and the upper part of Cambrod,’ he said.

Chepelenko emphasised that negotiations on the resumption of water supply in full ‘are being carried out at all levels’.

Asked when the problem might be solved the director of the “Luganskvoda” answered that ‘it doesn’t depend on us, it depends on Ukraine’.

‘Our pumping stations are all in order and working to the maximum capacity; the deficit comes from Ukraine, from where come all the problems,’ he said.

In mid-November the Western filter station N4 situated on the territory controlled by Ukraine cut down the water supply to the territory of the LPR by 60%. It resulted in water shortage in Kirovsk, Bryanka, Stakhanov, Antratsit, Krasny Luch, Pervomaysk and, partly, the Perevalsky district and Alchevsk.

DONi News Agency