Participation of professionals from various spheres in “Power of Donbass” will be key to DPR success

Participation of the DPR citizens, directly aware of various spheres’ problems is the key to successful formation of the DPR development strategy “The Power of Donbass”, reports the head of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement’s Central Executive Committee, Natalia Volkova.

“Of course, we have something to strive for, because any state is continuously in the process of improvement - this is the basis for development and reform. It is extremely important that in the DPR common citizens, who know the specific features of the work of this or that sphere are taking part in all these processes," said Volkova in a commentary published on the threshold of the fourth anniversary of the DPR proclamation.”

The head of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement’s Central Executive Committee stressed that consideration of the problems and possible solutions, which the participants of the "The Power of Donbass" public discussion declare, will allow developing an optimal development strategy to make the state as comfortable as possible for all residents. In its turn, the successful experience of the DPR will inevitably attract the attention of residents of various regions of Ukraine and will serve as an impetus for the re-establishment of the country on new principles.

“It is obvious that our positive experience will not only bring some positive results for the DPR, but may also motivate other states to make comprehensive reformatting for the sake of people, for peace, for the sake of the future,” summed up Volkova.

DONi News Agency