Over five thousand people participate in nationalists' actions in Kiev

About 5,500 people took part in the march and meeting of Ukrainian nationalist parties in the center of Kiev, the events took place without violations, the press service of the Kiev department of the National Police of Ukraine reported on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, supporters of the Ukrainian nationalist parties "Svoboda" and "Natsionalny Korpus" (created on the basis of the Azov National Battalion, against participants of which criminal cases are opened in the Russian Federation), as well as the organization "Right Sector" banned in Russia, conducted a march against oligarchs near the buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers and the parliament.

They demanded from the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt a package of bills against "the power of the oligarchs."

Later, the nationalists held a meeting against the "influence of oligarchs on state power" near the building of the presidential administration in Kiev.

According to rough estimates, almost 5,5 thousand citizens took part in the actions in the center of Kiev.

DONi News Agency