Over fifty Verkhovna Rada MPs miss 90% of votes

More than fifty people's deputies have missed 90% of votes in the Verkhovna Rada,  the website of the Voters Committee of Ukraine reports.

In March, 399 votes were held in the parliament. At the same time, more than 50 people's deputies for unknown reasons almost did not go to meetings.

As the Voters Committee of Ukraine notes, "absenteeism" can not be attributed to business trips or illness: all people's deputies were in the building of the Rada.

Five deputies did not vote even once. Among those who ignored their obligations were Dmitry Yarosh, Yevgeny Bakulin, Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky who announced the resignation, as well as Alexander Onishchenko and Sergei Klyuyev, who left the country because of criminal cases.

A significant number of people's deputies performed their functions in bad faith.

Thus, members of the "Opposition block" Dmitry Dobkin, Denis Omelyanovich and Mikhail Dobkin in March voted one, three and eight times, respectively.

Non-factional MP Konstantin Zhevago took part in six votes out of 399, and Nadezhda Savchenko - in eight.

Only two out of 450 Ukrainian parliamentarians showed parliamentary activity.

Members of the "Peter Poroshenko Bloc" Viktor Pynzenyk and Ivan Sporysh did not miss a meeting.

DONi News Agency