Nearly 900 foreign mercenaries fight on Ukrainian side

The DPR reconnaissance counted nearly 900 foreign mercenaries, presently are fighting in Donbass on the Ukrainian side, reports the DPR Operational Command.

“According to the reconnaissance data, foreign mercenaries and instructors continue their operation in the Ukrainian Forces’ ranks in the so-called ATO zone,” said the Command’s representative.

He also underlined that presently, the presence of 129 instructors from the USA, Canada, Turkey, Algeria, Lithuania, Latvia and Great Britain, who coordinate Ukrainian units’ actions, was detected in Donbass. In the Donetsk and Mariupol directions, groups from Georgia and Hungary were detected.

  ““Georgian national legion” and Hungarian “Madiyar” battalion in sum amount to 500 soldiers,” underlined the Command’s representative.

According to his information, apart from it, nearly 260 soldiers from other western countries, Poland and Lithuania, are fighting against the DPR. Among them there are snipers, firing pointers of artillery guns and mortar detachments.

DONi News Agency