Mayor of Dnieper deprives veterans' organizations of money

Mayor of the city of Dnieper, Boris Philatov, made a decision to cease the municipal financing of the organizations, supporting the Great Patriotic War veterans, because of the conflicts, that had arose between radicals and participants of the Victory Day celebrations.

“Starting from today, I cease the municipal financing of all the "veterans’ organizations",” said the mayor, underlining that all the representatives of such organizations are to be permanently excluded from the city council.

“At the next City council’s session the municipal financing of the ATO veterans’ union is to be provided,” added Philatov.

Philatov also complained on the situation in the  city police, which he regards to be “abnormal”.

“I had even deprived the city police of the subvention in public, if you recall,” added the city Head.

The absence of "several hundreds of hoodlums" by his side is another cause of mayor’s disappointment.

“If the situation remains unchangeable, the analogue of German freikorps of the beginning of the 20th century will be created in the city,” threatened Philatov.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a number of volunteer formations called freikorps were created in Germany. Later they were disbanded and dissolved. As a result, great number of such organizations’ members became key functionaries both in the leadership of the Nazi Germany and in the dominating there National Socialist Workers Party.

On the Victory Day in Dnieper, clashes between the celebration participants and the radicals took place. According to the official data, 14 people were wounded, including six policemen. According to the law enforcement agencies, the reason for the brawls was "the use of the political symbols" - the celebration participants carried copies of the Victory Banner and flags with the Soviet symbols.

DONi News Agency