Kiev unable to hide the truth about events in Donbass – the Czech deputy

The Kiev authorities are unable to prohibit distribution of the truth about events in Donbass, claimed today the deputy of the Czech Republic’s parliament Stanislav Mackovik, commenting on the statement of the Ukrainian foreign service about his ‘illegal’ stay in Donetsk.

‘The truth is for everyone; one cannot prohibit it. One cannot either prohibit us to come here. And as for the statements of the Ukrainian party declaring our trip to Donetsk to represent a provocation, in my opinion, provocation are just suchlike words,’ said Mackovik representing the Communist party of the Czech Republic and Moravia in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech parliament.

Mackovik added that his fellow party member and colleague Zdeněk Ondráček together with whom they visited the DPR, had already faced Kiev’s attempts to prevent distribution of objective information.

He was an observer at the elections in Ukraine and when he tried to drive to the country later, he wasn’t let in.

I can't agree either with statements about illegal crossing of the border and even ‘invasion’. We arrived in here in the normal way, through the check point.

Earlier the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed ‘a resolute protest’ regarding the visit of the Czech deputies to the Donetsk People's Republic, as the trip hadn’t been coordinated with Kiev.

DONi News Agency