Kiev delays political subgroup’s work, not complying with Steinmeier’s formula

The Ukrainian side intentionally delays the work of the political subgroup, refusing to discuss the realization of Steinmeier’s formula.   

The press-secretary of the Delegation Head of the DPR at the Minsk negotiations, of the People’s Council Chairman Denis Pushilin reported on this today, following the results of the political subgroup’s session in Minsk.  

The results of the 50th session of the working group on the political issues are not optimistic. The negotiators did not manage to advance in discussing the key issues of realizing Steinmeier’s formula and the regulations. Steinmeier’s formula is accepted by the participants of the Normandy Four, including the so-called Ukrainian President and therefore the refusal of discussing the realization of this formula by the Ukrainian side is another attempt to delay the negotiating process.  

Talakina pointed out that the DPR envoy thought that the political issues were the foundation for peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbass and insisted on implementing the earlier-reached agreements. 

DONi News Agency