Kiev authorities acknowledge AFU murder civilians in Donbass

Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka told about the crimes committed by the AFU personnel in Donbass.

According to the deputy minister, the Ukrainian military are guilty of murdering civilians in the conflict zone.

"I can agree with those facts, about which we usually do not speak. I mean the commission of crimes by the officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or fighters of volunteer battalions," the deputy head of the department said.

In particular, Tuka told about the murder of the son of one of the farmers in the LPR. The young man suddenly went missing in 2014.

"He was driving his private car and got on our checkpoint, after which he disappeared," the official said.
After 2,5 years, the body of the man was found.

"Our investigative bodies have established the circumstances of the murder and found the perpetrator of the crime, an AFU serviceman of the Armed Forces, he was sentenced to eight years in prison," Tuka said.

As the Ukrainian deputy minister noted, the Ukrainian forces could not understand why their comrade received such a serious punishment. In their opinion, the convict did not know that the beating would result in the death of the young man.

DONi News Agency