Humanitarian program’s call-center records over 7,6 requests since year’s beginning

Employees of the call center of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian program have received over 7,6 thousand calls from region’s citizens since the beginning of the year, reports the press service of the DPR Communications Ministry.

“Since the present year’s beginning, 8,331 calls have been received by the hot line of the humanitarian program on Donbass people reunification. Call center’s operators recorded 7,613 requests,” underlined the press-service’s representative.

It was also underlined that in total, people are interested in social payments (4, 968 requests), medical care (1, 800 requests), and educational issues (108 requests). Among all citizens, who asked about the social payments, major part is interested in aid, provided to people who found themselves in difficulty life situations (4,390 requests).

It should be underlined that among people who addressed the hot line 5,180 are DPR citizens, 2,058 are Donetsk region’s residents, 41 Ukrainian citizens and 80 citizens of other countries.

DONi News Agency