Eurointegration leads to unemployment and poverty for Ukrainians – official

The Ukrainian economy is in a catastrophic condition after four years of "euro-reforms". This was stated by the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian Choice" Viktor Medvedchuk.

"At the end of 2013, Ukraine's state and publicly guaranteed debt was 40% of GDP, and by the end of 2017 it had more than doubled, exceeding 80% of GDP. In 2013, Ukraine's GDP per capita was more than $4,075, and as early as 2016 the average monthly salary in 2017 totaled $267 in the whole country (in 2013 it exceeded $408). The pension "modernized" by the government in 2017 is 2.3 times lower than before the euro reforms. Today it is slightly more than $48, while in 2013 it was almost $112," Medvedchuk wrote in his blog on Ukrainian choice's website.

He also noted that the data on numerous international ratings testify to the catastrophic situation in the country. In particular, Ukraine took the 7th place in the rating of the most unfortunate countries by the version of Bloomberg. In the rating of prosperity of the Legatum Institute Ukraine is on the 112th place, although in 2013 it occupied the 64th position. In the rating "The best countries for a comfortable pension" Ukraine was in the last ten - on the 72nd place. In the rating of economic freedom according to the Heritage Foundation, Ukraine among the European countries is at the last 44th place.

"The authorities promised to reduce taxes, protect property rights, create conditions for business development, improve the investment climate in the country, overcome corruption, but instead of the "investment Mecca," Ukraine has turned into a country that foreign capital bypasses like nothing else... In the Eurointegrated Ukraine there was not a single one left sphere of the economy, not one branch that would not have suffered as a result of the "reforms" carried out by the government. For millions of Ukrainians, the so-called civilizational choice turned into unemployment, hopeless poverty and lack of faith in tomorrow," said the politician.

DONi News Agency