DPR woman-soldier wounded while giving interview about ceasefire

A servicewoman with the call sign Kasya, who has been fighting in the army of the Donetsk People's Republic since 2015, was wounded at a combat position right while recording an interview, telling how the Ukrainians observe the declared "Easter truce."

After Kasya received first aid, she said that the wound had turned out to be light.

"Doctors say that I will live. In two weeks I'll be able to run. I feel good. Such situations can always happen, frankly speaking, I would like fewer of those, because no one wants to go around with holes. Other than that, this is war," she said.

Despite the concluded agreements on the "Easter truce", the AFU continue to target the positions of the armed forces of the DPR Armed Forces.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian side had grossly violated the "Easter truce" just a few hours after its being declared.

The servicemen at the positions told journalists of the DPR Information Ministry the details.

"The situation is always the same here: at night the fire is always engaged, and in the daytime too. They do not have an armistice, while we have it, and we keep it. We were told that we can not shoot, and we do not shoot. And nobody understands it on that side," a DPR serviceman told.

"Yesterday (on March 30), the OSCE visited this place. First a drone made a flight, then two cars left the positions, and once they left, the shelling immediately broke out, it lasted 30 to 40 minutes. Both mortars and small arms were engaged. Generally speaking, there was nothing serious, but still – as soon as they left, the shelling immediately broke out. At the moment, it's quiet. Once OSCE members left, a drone flew by, and they began to shoot," another serviceman of the DPR army said.

DONi News Agency