DPR residents demand Ukrainian authorities to plead guilty in Boeing case

Mourning rally on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash was held today in the village of Grabovo in the DPR east. Those perished in the plane crash were commemorated by over half a thousand inhabitants of the Republic.

Among them was the head of the Shakhtyorsk administration, Alexei Shvydky, the first deputy head of the central executive committee of the Donetsk Republic public movement Andrei Kramar, the leader of the Young Republic public organization Nikita Kiosev. The event was also attended by representatives of the OSCE special monitoring mission.

"Today we are at the site of the tragedy. We appeal to international investigative groups to objectively investigate the circumstances of this case. The Kiev junta must be held accountable for everyone who perished in Donbass," Shvydky said in his opening speech.

DPR residents came with posters "Ukraine, admit guilt", "Give truth on Boeing." The assembled honoured the memory of those killed in the plane crash by a minute of silence, after which they laid flowers at the memorial installed on the tragedy site.

"I can not believe that three years have passed since the crime was committed by the Ukrainian authorities. The AFU must admit to participating in this crime," Kramar said.

Let's recall that the plane of the Malaysian Airlines company making a flight on the route Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur was wrecked on July 17, 2014. All the 298 persons on board perished.

DONi News Agency