DPR frontline in south ready to repel Ukrainian attacks - Video Report

Southern front in Donetsk People's Republic is ready to counter all actions by Ukrainian "Right Sector" troops, which have been deployed recently to the frontline positions. Trenches in DPR side are filled with local soldiers, who are defending their homes, cities and villages.

"We all want peace. For example, my wife is about to have a baby. I want to go home, have a normal job," said "Koren", platoon leader of DPR People's Militia. "I’m not going to kill anybody, I didn’t came here for this purpose. Our home is behind us: Novoazovsk, Sjedovo, Bezimennoye village," he continue.

"Our guys stand here, they don’t want to surrender and listen to people ordering them how to live under certain conditions. This is our land. We don’t go to the Lvov region or to the Kiev region. Our soldiers are from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, they came to help," he said. "If there are any movements that threaten us, which are dangerous, we fight back." 

"We don’t shell human settlements like they do. They shell Leninskoye, Sergeyevka, where no soldiers can be found. We are located five kilometers away from these localities. Punitive battalions fired at Sergeyevka yesterday where old people live. They destroy former state owned farms," said Koren.

"For example, a school in Sakhanka. It was a simple school where children used to study, and in the middle of the day a self-propelled artillery system fired right at it. There were no soldiers, just children. We have different specificity. We stand up in defence," he concluded.

DONi News Agency

Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 29.1.2017