DPR Command says Ukrainian nationalist battalions ignore ceasefire order

The Aratta battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army ignores the ban on conducting fire in Donbass and continues shelling the south of the Donetsk People's Republic, the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operational Command Eduard Basurin stated on Thursday. 

"Despite all the prohibitions, they continue firing at the territory of the Republic in the Mariupol direction," he said. 

Basurin added that the promises given by the Ukraine authorities to abolish the nationalist forces non-subordinated to security forces were not being implemented. 

"The intentions of the Ukrainian leadership to abolish non-subordinated gangs of nationalists, as always, remained empty promises. We have repeatedly drawn attention to the presence of the Right Sector militants at the forward positions of the enemy, aiming at implementing plans for destabilizing the situation in Donbass," he said. 

Earlier, the Contact Group for the situation settlement in Donbass agreed upon a new, "school" truce in Donbass from August 25 midnight. It has been the fifth attempt to stop the fire since the beginning of the year. 
DONi News Agency