Donetsk bids farewell to MES employee killed in Ukrainian shelling [Photos]

A mourning ceremony for the employee of the DPR Ministry for Emergency Situations, who had perished during the shelling while extinguishing a fire, was held in Donetsk.

Previously, the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People's Republic reported on one killed rescuer and two wounded in the west of Donetsk as a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian forceson Sunday, August 20. Fire on the firefighters was opened when they extinguished the burning house.

The ceremony took place on the territory of the DPR Emergency Situations Ministry. Colleagues, friends, relatives – the total of about 200 people came to bid farewell to the deceased Chief of guard of the Donetsk fire and rescue unit, Valery Vdovichenko. The priests gave him a memorial. After that, the funeral ceremony took place on Shchors street. Fire trucks switched on the siren, escorting the rescuer to rest.

"He died like a hero, flung himself in front of two more rescuers, we will never forget (his feat – Ed.)," the head of the DPR Ministry for Emergency Situations Alexei Kostrubitsky told.

He noted that MES employees regularly got under fire launched by the Ukrainian forces during the extinguishing of fires, but this is the first case of a rescuer's death at the performance of his official duties.

Vdovichenko was posthumously awarded with the badge of merit for his services to the Republic, the cross "For Merits", and the award badge from the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the DPR – the honorary sign "For courage" of the second degree.

DONi News Agency