Donbass settlement problem lies not in Minsk agreements, but their non-fulfillment - Volker

The Special Representative of the US State Department for Ukraine laid the entire responsibility for the failure to implement agreements on Russia.

The problem of settlement in Donbass lies not in the Minsk agreements, but in the lack of political will to implement them, stated Department of State Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, speaking on Saturday at the annual meeting of the Brussels Forum, organized by the German Marshall Fund.

"The Minsk agreements contain everything necessary to resolve the situation, the problem is not in them, but in the absence of political will to implement them," Volker said.

At that, the American diplomat has traditionally laid the entire responsibility for the non-fulfillment of agreements on Russia:

"Russia is a signatory to the Minsk agreements, it also retains command and control over the separatist forces. However, no stable truce has ever been achieved, and Ukraine daily loses an average of two soldiers."

Volker completely ignored in his speech the facts of shelling by the Kiev forces of the territory of the Donbass republics and the deaths of civilians in the region.

DONi News Agency