Coal miners start a riot in Kiev-controlled Donbass

Miners of the Kapitalna mine in Mirnograd (Dimitrov, renamed by the Kiev regime) of the Donetsk region continue the strike, which has been ongoing since Sunday.

Some of the miners still remain directly in the face (47 of 50 are staying there, as some of the strikers rose to the surface due to poor health), other workers support the strike on the surface, refusing to descend until the authorities pay off their wage arrears, journalists of the local Orbita TV channel report.

"Nothing happened for a day. The situation is the same. The strike is ongoing, people are in the mine. There is only one requirement: payment of salary arrears for August. It is also desirable to receive an advance for September," one of the striking miners said.

On Monday, the mine was allocated four million hryvnias, but only those miners who striked right in the face received the money. These miners received five hundred hryvnias each. Workers assessed the amount as a gift.

"The bosses come and say: "Go to the mine!" They gave a handout and that's it," the miners say.

Acting director general of the Mirnogradugol state enterprise, Vitaly Dovgan, states that the enterprise incurs losses due to the strike.

"To date, the company incurs losses of two million hryvnias every day. 300 million hryvnias for the coal industry were promised to be allocated from the budget, but the budget committee will meet only on October 11. We do not expect money until October 18," Dovgan said.

DONi News Agency