Both Yulia Timoshenko and Andrey Sadovoi do not want to be responsible for anything in Ukraine

A part of the political forces represented in the Verkhovna Rada does not want to take responsibility and work in the new government because it can lead to the collapse of the ratings.  

‘We can see fear and unwillingness of both Yulia Timoshenko and Andrey Sadovoi, the ‘’little’’ members of the Coalition, to share at least partial responsibility for the activities of such a government,’ pointed out Ruslan Bortnik, the director of the Ukrainian institute of Analyses and Management, at the press conference in Kiev. 

They understand that the next government is to be socio-unpopular and start destroying the social system of the post-Soviet securing. They will have to answer for it with their ratings.    

That’s why these political forces state that they are not to go to the government and do not offer anybody. The President will be responsible for everything and pay with his ratings. And Yulia Timoshenko and Andrey Sadovoi will celebrate like ravens at this electoral feast.  

DONi News Agency