"American whip" hangs over the Ukrainian elite

The "American whip" hangs over the Ukrainian oligarchs - the US  threatens to freeze all their foreign assets at any moment, if the self-reliant billionaires do not show complete submission to the master, political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov stated this on the air of the NewsOne TV Channel. 

According to him, moreover, the assets and funds of Ukrainian oligarchs will be arrested not only in the US, but in other countries as well.

"The States have very interesting legislation. If at least one dollar has got into the US, and there is a suspicion that the funds were due to corruption schemes, illegal schemes, they can start investigation and start arresting property in other countries.

The "American whip" hangs over our elite. They, starting with the "Panamanian dossier", make it clear: "The guys, we all know about you, we have serious questions for you, you do not comply with our request for an anti-corruption court. Do not be surprised at what will happen next. That's about their conversation, "Jangirov said.

DONi News Agency