Ambassador about the protest outside Russian embassy: 'London hasn’t ensured our security'

Ambassador of Russia to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko has on the demonstration outside the Embassy in London. He has also stated that the right of citizens is respected in the embassy, but the outcry has been held in an inadmissible way. The ambassador is concerned about the reluctance of the British authorities to provide an appropriate protection for the Russian embassy.

The Russian diplomats have sent a letter to the UK Foreign Office demanding the clarifications about the incident outside the Russian embassy in London. The demonstration has been held outside the building of the embassy on the 3rd of November. The Russian officials believe that the outcry has created a threat to all the people who live and work in the Russian embassy. Because of the protestors’ blockade, these people were able to get neither in, nor out of the embassy.

The group of protesters has laid down hundreds of mannequin limbs by the wall and entrance of the building. The protestors have been dressed in T-shirts calling “Save Aleppo!” In this way the protesters oppose Russia’s campaign in Syria. Besides, some of the protestors have chained themselves to the fence.

 Ambassador of Russia to the UK Alexander Yakovenko has commented on this protest in an interview with the RT journalist Anastasia Churkina.

"First of all, we are deeply concerned about the reluctance of the British authorities to provide the Russian embassy with an appropriate protection. Besides, they have allowed the protestors to come close to the entrance. It has happened for the first time. Earlier, they would gather across the street from the embassy. Secondly, the entrance has been blocked, and the whole staff of the embassy was able to get neither in, nor out of the embassy. Thirdly, the phone lines have been also blocked by the so-called empty calls. The embassy hasn’t worked at all. We are sure that this is beyond the power of one, two, three and even one hundred people. It would take thousands. We are afraid because we believe that the action has been accurately planned. We respect the right of people to participate in protests and to express their point of view. But the question is how to organize such actions. In our case the approach has been chosen in an absolutely unacceptable way," said Yakovenko.

Russian officials in London also claim that this is just another episode of a large-scale anti-Russian campaign in the British mass media. Russian representatives have stressed that some channels in the UK had showed some shots of this action, decreasing the seriousness of what had happened. In fact, activists have brought to the walls of the embassy a huge number of mannequin and actually blocked its work.

Response Action

The response action was held in Moscow outside the British embassy on the 4th of November. The protestors have expressed their outcry against the policy of London. The activists reminded the British the wars in which their country had taken an active part, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. Previously unknown protestors attacked the British Embassy with mannequin limbs. As it is reported in "Interfax", the protestors have disappeared from the scene before the police arrival.

The official representative of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova stated that the Foreign Ministry has nothing to do with this action.

 "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has ever called neither activists nor civil society members to hold any protests outside the embassies of foreign countries for one simple reason: the Russian Federation fulfils its obligations, including also the Vienna Convention, according to which we are obliged to provide security and ensure a certain level of protection for the diplomatic missions abroad", the radio station "Govorit Moskva" quotes the statement of Maria Zakharova.

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