AFU and Ukrainian State Security Services prepare another provocation involving media

According to the DPR reconnaissance data, representatives of Ukrainian and Western media are to work in the ‘ATO’ zone from 1st to 8th of April, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“The work of journalists is directly coordinated by the head of the ‘ATO’ staff, General A. T. Kovalchuk. Through the intermediaries, who strictly control every journalists’ step, media representatives received the objective to prepare fake news and staged video materials. For that purpose, in the units of the 36th and the 30th brigades staged shelling of both, our and their positions is to take place. Apart from it, Ukrainian forces in cooperation with the Ukrainian State Security Service are planning to cause a car accident, involving one of the camera crews, and later convince the affected to introduce the fact of accident as consequences of the DPR shelling,” said the Vice-Commander.

DONi News Agency