“United Donbass” fund allocates nearly 8,5 million rubles to people in need

The total sum of the aid, paid to the region’s citizens by the “United Donbass Fund” social organization amounts to 8,5 million rubles, reports the organization’s chairman, Oleg Balykin.

“As on August 29, 2017, among 441 requesters, whose request were approved, 277 Donbass citizens had already received the aid, which amounts in total to 8, 495, 540 rubles,” said Balykin.

He also added that over 4,4 million rubles of the total sum were paid to 134 requesters from the Kiev-Controlled territory, the rest of the sum was paid to 143 DPR residents. Apart from it, at the 9th session on August 25, fund’s commission approved payment of the one-time financial aid to 146 requesters in the amount of over 4 million rubles.

It should be added that the fund’s commission had already held 9 sessions. The next one is expected to take place on September 8th then about 500 requests are to be considered.

DONi News Agency