“Execution of a Russian pilot” staged in Kiev’s night club (VIDEO)

In one of the night clubs in Kiev, the “BarHot”, during the New Year’s event entitled “Stab in the Back” there was staged an execution of the pilot of the Russian Su-24 that had been downed by Turkey.

‘Each Russian will be punished. This will happen to every Russian coming to our land. Now I suggest you have fun, more fun that this Russian,’ said the host of the “show“.

During the “show” one of the participants, wearing a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, imitated cutting the throat of another, previously placing him on his knees with his hands tied behind his back. The speech of the host was accompanied by the sound track used by radicals of the “Islamic State” in their propaganda videos.

On that night visitors were offered such dishes as “Smoked pilot” and “Turkish packed lunch”.

The “BarHot” is the same night club where a year ago there was held another new Year’s event called “Vatnik of the year”, during which visitors were offered a cake in a shape of a Russian baby.

To the music of Russian pop singers the glamorous Kiev elite, with laughter and jokes, cut the cake “decorated” with a baby lying on the Russian flag. The “baby” was thoroughly cut along the face and body while girls behind the scene happily asked for ‘another piece of its belly’.

That night on the menu there were burgers “Trade Union House” (for Odessa people burnt alive on May2, 2014), the “Militiaman’s liver” (for those who are defending their homes in Donbass), the assorted meat dish “Volyn massacre” (for at least 80,000 Poles killed by Ukrainian nationalists in the Volyn region of Ukraine in 1943) and the liqueur “Female veteran”.

On February 23, 2015, on the day of the beginning of Lent and the day of the Soviet Army, in the “BarHot” there was held another “show” called “Bloody pastor’s ball”.

Young people with swastikas on their sleeves and other Nazi paraphernalia “sacrificed” a Russian to the idol of the Ukrainian nationalism Stepan Bandera. 

‘We all have already raped him, of course, and now we will cut his throat for the glory of Bandera’, said the host of the “show”.

After his “death” there was an imitation of cutting his liver out and the host proposed visitors to stake it. Judging by the reaction of visitors, they gladly took to the idea.

The owner of the “BarHot” Oleg Magaletsky used to be a Maidan activist. In 2014 he participated in almost all the clashes in Kiev, including the fights in Bankovaya street, in the heart of the Governmental district of the capital. He commanded a self-propelled earth-moving machine and then shared his experience in narrowly escaping bullets of the police. 

Later he took part in the hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine where he was wounded in a buttock near the locality Peski, a suburb of Donetsk. After the demobilisation he decided to return to the restaurant business.

When asked whether he considered his “shows” blasphemy, Magaletsky replied that was ready for accusations of “black humour”.

‘Russia is a great and might world power that can afford to allocate a whopping amount of money to brainwash both its own and foreign citizens. Ukraine does not have even a hundredth of its possibilities. So, we are forced to resort to such actions here, adding our efforts to the work of the Ministry of Information.’

DONI News Agency